Edward’s Stone is owned and operated by Ed Ring. We operate our own centralized production facility in Lincoln, Nebraska, and our offices are strategically located throughout the Midwest. We produce and market several different types of natural thin veneer stones for commercial and residential applications. We also offer design accents and accessories to provide an enhanced measure of style and sophistication. These include quoins and keystones, hearth sills and mantels, pier and wall caps. Our hardworking professionals possess the craftsmanship skills and years of experience required to lend form and function to what is envisioned. Their efforts are reflected in completed projects of every shape and size. Insightful and driven, and with an eye for detail, Edward’s Stone is your natural choice to accentuate the grandeur of what you have in mind.

The final and most important component of Edward’s Stone is its customers. Our skilled professionals with years of knowledgeable experience will work hard to ensure the satisfaction of the client. Edward’s Stone produces our own natural thin veneer stone products while offering the best customer service in the industry.

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